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Data and Trust

Our guiding principles are threefold: simple, free and open to all individuals seeking to pin their knowledge, which is easy enough to say but there has been a lot of much needed media attention recently around trusting who we allow to see our data. SpatialCV™ is fully GDPR compliant, which may bring a measure of comfort but comfort does not mean trust.

Why would you trust someone or a system you don’t know? The answer is - you can’t but what you can do is protect yourself by restricting the information you give. To help you with this, we won’t ask you for your date of birth, gender, faith, ethnicity, your favourite hair style or the perfume you wear. We are not even especially interested in your name, although we would like to have a handle of some kind so that we can communicate with you on a one-to one basis when you require it.

We find the easiest way to make your identity unique is to associate you with your public LinkedIn identity. Ultimately, whether your identity is real or imagined is not important to us, we just verify your merit through the internal consistency of your claims. Your identity is your property – we call that “self-sovereignty”. If you submit a credible identity, then the truth of what you claim is between you and those who seek to know you better. SpatialCV™ plays no role in that relationship beyond making it happen.